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Beijing Taichengxin Measurement and Control Tech Co., Ltd (TCX for short) is a high tech enterprise and focus on powertrain (Engine/Transmission/Axle) assembly to provide the entire digitized solution and service for process development and design, nonstandard equipment delivery include manufacturing, installation, commissioning and process validation.

Since1999, our TCX engineering team has always contributed to technology research & development of digital assembly in  “bearing detection technology, bearing pre-tightening technology, displacement detection technology, gear dynamics inspection technology for meshing analysis and torque control, etc.” as our core value to take the direction of current industrial technology.

We have accumulated profound knowledge of assembly for many years, we formed a complete set of assembly theory system gradually, TCX provided basis to create excellent quality, we solved three major problems systematically: oil seal ,oil leakage, noise, bearing damage.

In 2008, we firstly announced the concept of digital assembly in China automotive daily, and successfully host four sessions of China top manufacturing digital assembly technology forum.

In 2016, we successfully developed and applied the selected equipment of engine valve clearance, with the precision reaching the super first-class level.

In 2018, we successfully developed the automatic valve adjustment detection system to eliminate the gap of digital assembly technology in the diesel engine industry. The rear suspension assembly front beam camber and gear drive simulation test system will create more value for customers.

TCX's unique digital assembly line is widely used in engine, transmission, axle and suspension area for the first-class enterprises include domestic and foreign company.

Currently, TCX has 260 employees and 60% people is specialist. TCX operation motto: credit management, tech innovation, lean management, human-based. We are willing to make global collaborations, Jointly build powertrain digital assembly technology platform.

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